Brooklin Brownstones

Rich in history and culture, the community of Brooklin within the town of Whitby combines the charm of a small town with the amenities of a busy city. Fronting onto Baldwin Street, featuring the heritage downtown core and panoramic views. 

Brownstones Concept

Brownstones Completed

This is essentially the completion of a project that was developed in two phases. Phase 1 was Brooklin Mews, which was the commercial portion. Phase 2 is the Brooklin Brownstones, the residential portion. The Brownstones are now complete and closings have occurred as of April 2017. The project has 10 ground floor condo commercial units and above each commercial unit is two storey condo residential unit.

North Side

Featuring Brooklin Pilates, Botox Cosmetics, Orthotics Specialists and our Official Prince George Landing Sales Centre.

South Side

Featuring Brooklin Audio Visual, Mortgage Finance Specialists, Insurance Agencies and our Official Prince George Landing Sales Centre.

Rear view of the Brownstones